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FULL CHARACTER NAME. Vicktor Armell son of Berek
ALSO KNOWN AS. Victor Barker, Vicktor son of Valerin, Prince of Bone
BIRTH DATE + AGE. Fourth Eclipse of Sundial. ( April, 15th)
OCCUPATION. Peasant farmer / Gatekeeper / Warlock for hire
SPECIES. Sub-Human / Immortal
ABILITIES. Can see the dead. Is able to raise the dead and control them. Able to retriever memories from corpses. All elemental magick. Specializes in darker arts.
BIRTHPLACE. Empire of Kilarith, Isles of Volt
CURRENT HOME. Barsar, Isles of Volt
LANGUAGE(S). Necron (language of dead), mortal tongue, Lycan prose (werewolf dialect).
EDUCATION. Scholars, tutors, and high praised poets taught Vicktor and his brother.
PARENTS. Sir Valerin of Kilarith (adoptive father), Lady Tayrin of Veils (mother), Berek of Desolaut (bio-gather).
SIBLINGS. Vlademar of Kilarith son of Valerin (younger half brother).
OTHER(S). Pandora; former friend and love interest. Juliana of Creed, former enemy and love interest.

FACECLAIM. Sean Teale, faceless
HAIR. Black, thick and curly but kept cut short
EYES. Amber, nearly high yellow.
HEIGHT. 6'6" ft / 198.12 cm
BUILD. Healthy. Mesomorph.
TATTOOS. A scaling set of chains that are tattooed along his spinal cord and knotted at the back of his neck. It is a charmed inking to bind him to the gate. A open mawed skull that rests in the palm of his hand in which shadows emerge.
PIERCINGS. None as of yet.
SCARS.Several. From youth, from war, from accidents, and from his torture.
POSITIVE TRAITS. Intelligent, Thorough, Open minded, Genuine, Honest
NEGATIVE TRAITS. Cruel, Paranoid, Cautious, Sly, Withdrawn
LIKES. Fruits, art, music, fires, fresh rain and hot bread, farm animals, horse riding, napping in the grass
DISLIKES. The council, his brother, Valerin, The churches, and much more.
None that reach this level of discomfort
DRUGS + ALCOHOL. Depends on the drug and the drink.
ENNEAGRAM. The Loyalist


- Magics ( i.e. Witches, Warlocks, Nymphs, Werewolves, ETC) live within a realm they divided away from mortals eons ago before history was even documented, it has existed for as long as time has much like the creatures who reside in it. Mortals appeared randomly within history, just sprouting up on the outside of their realm and growing and thriving -- for most of time magics kept to themselves and did not interact whatsoever, it was prohibited actually. It wasn't until perhaps cave man or ice age era did magics finally introduce themselves to mortals. They were not accepted very well at first -- it took time for them to come to an agreement that left both parties satisfied and safe within limits of both their realms. The biggest rule was mortals would never enter the magic realm, for their safety ( when in secret it was more of the magics' peace of mind since mortals were unpredictable and no one in their own world truly knew anything about them yet ).
- The Collective or Court. It is a large democracy based government that presides over the realm itself, each drawing a selection of three members from within each species group. It wasn’t until later on in the Court’s age did they finally allow halflings or mixed breed magics to sit on the collective and have a say. Each species votes or makes a claim for the three members to attend court, depending on what they are really determining just how long they will remain in those seats.

- The Council (also the Order). This is an ancient and rather secretive cult that is a group of hunters that seek to bring the magics to their knees and destroy the magic realm. Their ideals remain that mortals are the superior species and should be the deciding factor on who should survive and who shouldn't, the reason for their sudden maniacal and tyrannical suggestions? Religion.
- Mortals and Magics even to date are banned from producing offspring, both the Council and the Collective are extremely against this mixing. Simply for the complications that arise from having a child that is half magic and half mortal, but also for the fact that there is still prejudice and really ignorant and horrid people standing on both parties deciding rulers.
- Since the realms are separated, there were three gates created to link the mortal and magic realm. Three strategically placed gates that only magics know the true location of, and many mortals happen upon and go missing ( i.e. changeling children? A man ripped to shreds? Local hiking couple disappeared? Stories of horrid monsters being found in these odd places? Bingo it was a gate ).


Open for plotting. Vicktor is just now realizing the gate he has been tasked and bound too is slowly crumbling in the mortal realm meaning that it shall soon no longer open. The war ensured that and the only gate remaining is lost deep within the mortal realms hidden sights beneath grand magick. It is his job to either find this gate and ensure its safety or to help destroy it as the council insits on reaching out for his help yet again.
Literally all the fantasy tropes.


Victor (he laters gives himself the last name of Barker, in honor of his late father Barak ); A necromancer born to two magics ( a witch and warlock ). He was born within the Kilarith Empire, so he is well over 2000 years old. He is the elder sibling to his half brother Vlademar. Victor’s father died before he was born so he never got to meet Barak, but his father was at the time a Necromancer. About a century before Barak died the Court had determined to ban Necromancy ( it was a huge ordeal between witches and several of the different species that resided in the magic realm, due to some darker witches using their magic to raise the dead of other species and use them. ) He was considered an outlawed warlock among the magic realm, many did not associate with him and several wanted him dead for crimes he committed against other species. He met Victor’s mother when she was rather young, she aided in hiding him from the court and keeping him safe. Many witches didn’t agree with the outlawing of necromancy while a slim few did, her family was on the spectrum of believing in the magic specialty you are born with. Well within a period of a year and a half she had fallen in love with Barak and he her, her name was Tayrn. Perhaps five months after this confession between the two did she fall pregnant with Victor, it was maybe three weeks after she discovered she was two months pregnant that Barak was seized and murdered. It is unclear in the magic’s history how this went down ( magics had taken the habit of documenting their own history much like humans after seeing them doing so ), and Taryn was never discovered to have been his protector. Her own mother had sent her pregnant daughter through the gate and sealed her within the mortal realm for her own safety, for magic rule does not continue into the mortal realm and magics have no say of punishments if it is outside their realm.Taryn was thrust into the Kilarith Empire (mortal realm) and forced to conceal her magic and learn to live amongst them, it wasn't long perhaps her 7 month marker that she was pursued by a man named Valerin. He was a well known scholar, a man of stature and respect -- several believed him brilliant and gifted by the gods. He was infatuated with Taryn from the moment he saw her, captivated by the different energy around her that he sought her out for marriage and within a short span married her. He claimed the child was his own when the question was brought up, stated that she fell pregnant before he went off on a voyage and had returned to see that she had befallen with his child. Soon after Victor was born, and given the title and addressed as Valerin’s first born son. It wasn't until he was four did his mother give birth to her second son whom she named after her husband, Vlademar. A half mortal and half magic child, concealed within the mortal realm away from the Court and the Council’s eyes.When Vlademar was born, Valerin stripped Victor of his title. The land and money turned to be in Vlademar’s favor. At the time Victor didn’t quite understand the difference between him and his brother since he knew no difference, and Valerin didn’t treat Victor cruelly -- he just ensured that his true son would sustain his estate and wealth.The boys were raised, and it wasn’t until around Victor’s 15 birthday and Vlademar’s 11th did Valerin begin to change. He became driven and insatiable with the dark arts, beginning to study the few tablets and scrolls and documentation of magic that had been either stolen from the magic realm or told to mortals by the Council, Taryn at this time had begun to grow ill, slowly but surely becoming weaker and weaker until she passed away within a five months time. Leaving the boys entirely in their father's care and possession. I say possession because slowly but surely, Valerin was driven insane and began to perform experiments on innocent people and practice dark arts. He grew deeply disturbed and actually poisoned Taryn, his late wife, and began to experiment on his sons as well. Victor recalls his treatment while Vlademar does not, it is both the product of what happened to them later on in adulthood that determines this.It should be noted that in their youth, the boys became friends with a young girl by the name of Pandora. She was Vlademar’s age and considered to be a gifted young girl. She grew close to the brothers as they grew up, before Victor went off to become a part of the knighthood. Vlademar wished to become a scholar much like his father and pursue the knowledge his father left behind. As they grew older there was obvious attraction between Victor and Pandora, however, Victor ( who truly loved his younger brother ) stepped back and allowed Vlademar to marry her. They were married for three months before she died. Valerin and his experiments are to blame, slowly in his time of performing these actions of dark arts against his sons did he begin to awaken Victor’s magic. The dark art he was performing? Creating an immortal creature. As these tests continued, Victor was no longer under the exposure to his step father's tricks, but that didn't stop his magic from arising during battles. Fallen warriors began to rise again and be commanded by his words, it was small at first but it was enough to draw the Court and the Councils’ attention.In this time frame it isn't apparent, but the discussion of war between realms is beginning to stir.With the attention centered on Victor he is hunted down by both factions, before he is thrown into prison within the Magic realm. He was stated to have died in battle and Vlademar and Valrin were told this, Vlademar is mourning Pandora’s death and now his brothers supposed death that he begins to discover his father's experiments. One being the decaying corpse of his late wife, who now is a feral creature scratching within the catacombs of their home. Vlademar attempts to make contact with this now ravaged creature but is attacked and ultimately killed by her, Valerin discovers this scene and kills Pandora’s reanimated corpse. Valerin now mourns both his son's deaths and begins to document his journey through the process of their testing and his secretive experiments on both his children, and even he confesses within his journals what he did to his wife and several others. Now Vlademar was a halfling child unknown to Valerin, and when he was attacked by Pandora it killed his mortal side leaving the magic. It is in this that he becomes reanimated and comes back to life, he is the first gen of an immortal species of vampire who is capable of walking in the sunlight and able to remain human-esque despite mere cosmetic changes. He awakes and finds his father's journals and kills his father. In horror he flees his home with Pandora’s corpse, and later buries her, providing a proper burial. It is here that Vlademar vanishes.Victor is still imprisoned and unaware of what has taken place within the Mortal realm, he is subjected to torture and horrendous acts for two hundred years. He is finally released when the war begins between the two realms, the Court stating that he is to use his magic to help his kind fight the mortals ( i.e. raise their dead and never let their numbers drop so that they may win ) and become the Gatekeeper during the war. He agrees to these terms because the alternative he is provided with is death, and so he assists. During the war the gates are opened to allow creatures to go into the mortal realm, flooding in masses while Victor is thrust upon the battlefield himself to command armies of the dead. It is here while he stands at the threshold of this gate allowing fallen soldiers and creatures to rise and fight as he is shot down, mortals in a moment of thought begin to rush the gate and flood into the magic realm. With Victor unconscious the undead are still statues to be slaughtered yet again with no objection and thus allowing mortals to succeed in breaking through the magic’s defense.During this chaos the gate crashes and traps mortals and magics between both realms, this war kills millions upon millions. Victor is believed to have died in battle, when he was taken in under the Council’s orders and brought back into the mortal realm. It is here that he is given the proposition of working alongside the mortals to ensure the safety of their realm ( in the time frame of the war the crazy driven murderers of the council had died out leaving a newer leader who seeks safety for mortals in charge ). He is offered the proposition of becoming the informant for the Council in an important case, in this he goes on a mission with an agent named Juliana. In this time frame they develop feelings for one another and begin an affair, after the mission is over ( which by the end of the council tried to have him killed ) he swore to them that he would never help them again. Juliana was able to get Victor spared from being killed or sold out to the magic court, but in turn Victor was sentenced to a life in solitude.He returned to the gate that had been destroyed, and built him a home. He began a small farm and stayed by himself ( earlier before he disappeared into the forest to live by the gate, he paid a visit to his old homeland, a request he asked of juliana. Here he found Pandora’s grave and raised her bones, she was without her memory due to the experiments in her mortal life. He renamed her Dora and took her with him to keep him company on his farm.